Fun Run

2018 Still Fit For Life Fun Run
Sunday, October 7th San Diego, CA

We are delighted to announce that the Honorary Fit for Life Chair for 20178 will be Norm Vinn, DO.

All proceeds from the event goes towards supporting the osteopathic community in the form of S.O.M.A Scholarships, presented at OMED, but also through grants for special projects across the country.

2017 Top Finishers:


  1. Rachel Terry
  2. Erika Glad
  3. Meredith Peck
  4. Shannon Couvreaur

  1. Adarrel Fisher
  2. Sean Engle
  3. James Caffrey
  4. Daniel Flores
  5. Edward Trai


2007 Sponsors (web links – where available – are clickable)

2016 Top Finishers!

Here are the results from the 2016 AAOA Still Fit For Life Fun Run at OMED. Congratulations to the top runners and sincere thanks for all who participated. We truly enjoyed running and laughing alongside you.



2015 Top Finishers:


  1. Kaitlin Steveson – 25:11
  2. Tessa Thompson, DO – 29:10
  3. Katie Ulloa – 29:41
  4. Shannon Scott, DO – 29:45
  5. Mary Jo Vogel – 30:00

  1. Steve Blasi, DO – 20:59
  2. Bryn Williams – 21:20
  3. Graham Willn – 21:53
  4. Nick Grinlinton – 22:02
  5. Michael Rwane – 23:38


The money raised from this event will go towards the AAOA Special Projects Grant Fund. These grants allow osteopathic organizations and affiliates to apply for and receive money toward community projects across the country. Past projects made possible by the Special Projects Grants have included:

  • The digitization of historical osteopathic journals and creation of files for online use
  • Providing holiday gifts to community youth
  • Creation of a Student/Resident Advocate Association
  • Providing activity/sensory aprons for the geriatric department of a local medical center
  • And many more!

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