Intern & Resident Advocate Association

After medical students graduate, they become interns, then residents, and possibly a fellow. This next journey in your DO’s career is going to be rewarding, but also a major adjustment. With this next chapter of a DO’s life in mind, the Intern and Resident Advocate Association (IRAA) was developed with the objectives of promoting and supporting the osteopathic profession, interns, residents, and families of the osteopathic community.

Why start an IRAA chapter?

By establishing an IRAA chapter, a bond within the DO community is formed by creating a way to connect with others members of the osteopathic family and those on the same journey. Each chapter promotes advocacy, philanthropic projects, and support for their interns, residents, and fellows in their own unique way.

Who do I contact?

If you are interested in starting an IRAA chapter or becoming involved with the AAOA, contact the IRAA Liaison at


  • IRAA Guidepdf
    The Intern & Resident Advocates Association (IRAA) is a subgroup of the Advocates for the American Osteopathic Association (AAOA). The IRAA mission is to support and promote the osteopathic profession. The largest form of support comes from advocating for our very own intern, resident, or fellow. However, we can all do so much more as an organization for each other and the profession in general. The IRAA Guide is a resource that includes tips on starting your own chapter, ideas for raising funds and supporting philanthropy projects, and suggestions for increasing your membership.
  • Surviving Residency by Tiffany Sweeney
  • Are you relocating? For those students and their families who are moving to a new area, we can offer assistance by matching you with someone in your new location. Complete and submit this form.

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